Our Past Projects

What we have been doing over 93 Years

From the inception, the Tobin family has been involved in many real estate ventures that were diverse and each in their own way challenging and successful. Our track record speaks to our experience and ability to overcome obstacles in creating and managing over the years. Today, Tobin Properties' real estate effort is led by an Executive Team which brings decades of combined real estate experience. Our leaders and team of professionals are well-respected in the real estate industry.  We have learned a lot from our mistakes and apply that knowledge in the way we do things today. Our tradition of forward thinking was earned and we try every day to keep that in mind.  The proof is we have thrived through all of the economic cycles the last 93 years.              


Projects Previously Developed and/or Owned  

Late 1920's - 1930's 

In the late 1920’s, Ben Tobin was drawn to the real estate business. He started Tobin Management, the predecessor to Tobin Properties. He was managing properties for others but he had big dreams of owning his own real estate, although the opportunities were not existent at the time. In the early 1930's, at the beginning of the Great Depression, Ben drove from Detroit to Baltimore, Maryland at a time when there was not an interstate system. He drove there to meet with United States Fidelity and Guarantee, an insurance company that held bonds on a lot of real estate in Detroit. At the time, bonds were like the mortgages of today. He acquired the bonds and worked the properties until they were cash flowing and substantially enhanced in value. He had successes and failures while gaining critical knowledge and experience. That knowledge and experience along with taking calculated risks and “watching the store”, enabled him to strategically and successfully expand his holdings.



image of The Tobin Building, Detroit, MI

The Tobin Building, Detroit, MI

image of The Hollenden Hotel in Cleveland, OH   

The Hollenden Hotel, Cleveland, OH   


Image of the historic hollywood beach resort hollywood, fl


The Hollywood Beach Hotel, Hollywood, FL


Image of Cleveland Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH

 Picture of the Federal Store Building - owned by Ben Tobin in the 1950's.     picture of the Evergreen Plaza in Chicago, IL.

  Federal Department Store Detroit, MI      Evergreen Plaza, Chicago, IL

Image of the Empire State Building in the 1950's                 Image of the Warwick Hotel in New York City   

The Empire State Building NYC, NY       The Warwick Hotel, NYC, NY


The Union Central Life Insurance Companies Building, Cincinnati, OH

The Union Central Life Insurance Companies Building, Cincinnati, OH

The Brooklyn Paramount Building, Brooklyn, NY

The Brooklyn Paramount Building, Brooklyn, NY

Image of Hotel Taft in New York City

The Taft Hotel, New York, NY

Image of the Power and Light BUilding in Kansas City, Missouri

The Power & Light Building, Kansas City, MO

 Roosevelt Field, Long Island, NY   Image of the Governor Morris Hotel in Morristown, NJ

  Roosevelt Field, Long Island, NY                    Governor Morris Hotel, Morristown, NJ

Image of Squibb Building, NYC, NY          image of Main Post Office Building, Trenton in NJ       

Squibb Building, NYC, NY                  Main Post Office Building, Trenton, NJ

image of Young Circle Shopping Center in Hollywood FL

Young Circle Shopping Center, Hollywood, FL  

image of a Publux Store at Taft Hollywood Shopping Center in Hollywood, FL

 Taft Hollywood Shopping Center, Hollywood, FL     

Image of Ben Tobin at Tobin Way street sign in Sherman Oaks, California

 "Tobin Way" at Sherman Oaks Residential Community, CA                

image of Hillcrest & Golf Course in Hollywood, FL

Hillcrest & Golf Course, Hollywood, FL


image of Office Buildings, Biltmore Mall in Phoenix, AZ  





Office Buildings, Biltmore Mall, Phoenix, AZ


image of the Marketplace Design Center in Philadelphia, PA







The Marketplace Design Center, Philadelphia, PA

image of Park Towne Place Premier Apartments in Philadelphia, PA

Park Towne Place Premier Apartments Philadelphia, PA

image of Kmart Plaza in Jesup, GA

Kmart Plaza, Jesup, GA

image of Eastwood Shopping Center in Cleveland, TX

Eastwood Shopping Center, Cleveland, TX


image of Smyrna Shopping Center in Smyrna, TN

Smyrna Shopping Center, Smyrna, TN


image of Jackson Village Shopping Center in Hermitage, TN

Jackson Village Shopping Center, Hermitage, TN

image of Mooreland Shopping Center in Springfield, TN

Mooreland Shopping Center, Springfield, TN


image of Oneco Square Shopping Center in Bradenton, FL

Oneco Square Shopping Center, Bradenton, FL

image of  Development site in Grassy Key, Marathon, Florida Keys  

Grassy Key, Marathon, Florida Keys - Development Site, FOR SALE

image of Championship Academy Charter School - Ben Tobin Campus, Hollywood, FL

Championship Academy Charter School - Ben Tobin Campus, Hollywood, FL

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