Our Heart

The best way to enjoy a reward is to share it. Throughout the years, the Tobin Family has always been involved in giving back to our community, both as individuals and as a company, working with charities and organizations that promote better health, a richer artistic life, and more opportunities for everyone. 


The Francine and Herbert Tobin Foundation - The Listeners/Oyentes Program®  

For many decades, Francine and Herbert Tobin have been active in Philanthropy in South Florida. They have quietly worked to fill voids within the children in our community. They have long advocated and been devoted to volunteering. Francine always says, "You make a living by what you get...but you make a life by what you give." 

In keeping with this philosophy, The Francine and Herbert Tobin Foundation is committed solely to contribute, through direct giving, to the emotional well-being of children of all ages (K-12). Francine has served as Chairperson of The Listeners/Oyentes Program® for well over 40 years. Today more than ever, she believes that our youth needs a safe space where they receive bountiful, non-judgmental understanding and discerning guidance…her passion is to continue to provide that.


The Foundation is proud to serve as a partner with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Working with the Office of Community Engagement, the Foundation co-sponsors The Listeners/Oyentes Program®. The Francine and Herbert Tobin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private foundation. More information on how to participate in The Listeners/Oyentes Program® can be found HERE!


Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County - Tobin Properties are funders and active supporters of the organization. The goal of the organization is for babies to be born healthy and celebrate the first years of their life in a caring and safe environment. The objectives include improving access to health care, providing health education and family support, increasing public awareness of healthy behaviors, and helping parents and professionals understand how to prevent infant deaths and improve maternal/child health. The agency serves more than 5,000 unduplicated individuals each year. Saving Lives. Guiding Futures. Inspiring Hope.  www.hmhbbroward.org


The Ben Tobin Foundation  Since the 1960's, and for four generations, the Ben Tobin Foundation has supported education and the arts. The Foundation has been a sustaining contributor to Florida’s largest Public Broadcasting Station, South Florida PBS-WPBT2, since its inception, sponsoring programs such as PBS NewsHour and Nova, as well as children’s programming which include Curious George and Sesame Street. Ben Tobin was a member of the Board of Directors. Herbert Tobin followed serving since 1992 as a Director, as well as serving as Chairman of the Board for four years. Today Herb is a Life Director. Jodi Tobin, representing the third generation, is also actively involved with the station. 

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